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Upper Back and Thoracic Pain


Although upper back pain and thoracic pain are not very common spinal disorders, they tend to result in significant discomfort and pain and treatments with pain specialist are necessary. Thoracic pain may be caused by internal organ pathology (lung cancer, esophageal disorders, heart disorders), referral pain (cardiac angina, muscular irritation (myofascial pain), joint dysfunction of thoracic cage and upper back, pain from herniated or degenerated disk, nerve pain (intercostal neuralgia, herpes pain from osteoporotic vertebra body collapse.

Abdominal Pain Knowledge

Abdominal pain is usually caused by disease of internal organs of the abdominal cavity and is treated by a gastroenterologist or surgeon. Pain management is offered to patients who suffer from advanced cancer of internal organs (especially pancreatic cancer) or other chronic conditions (chronic pancreatitis, abdominal angina). Most of the time, treatment is very successful.

Pain Information

Central pain is produced by lesions of the central nervous system: spinal cord, brain and brainstem. Examples of central pain are: multiple sclerosis, neoplasm, patients with stroke.
Nervous System Pain Information

Peripheral nervous system pain (peripheral neuropathy) results from peripheral nerve lesions. This peripheral nerve lesion may be caused by Herpes Zoster (post herpetic neuropathy), diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), entrapment neuropathy (pain after inguinal hernia repair), and chronic alcoholism (alcoholic neuropathy).

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