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AZ Pain Medicine Clinic

We specialize in pain medication treatment for patients with medical conditions requiring pharmacological therapy or physical medicine and modalities. Are you suffering from chronic pain that just never seems to go away and you start feeling that you will have to live with it forever? Well, you don't have to live your entire life with the chronic pain! AZ Pain Medicine Clinic can help you manage your distress and get you on the road to recovery through experienced pain providers supervised pain treatment plans and education.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Pain procedures done at our clinic consist of trigger point injections, large joint injections, and other tailored treatment plan to help alleviate patient pain.

Pain Alleviation

We will do our best to make the ache tolerable and improve the patients’ functional status.

Pain Management

We are very dedicated to providing all of our patients with the most effective chronic pain management.

Pain Medication

The degree of ache varies from person to person, so your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances

Why Choose AZ Pain Medicine Clinic? 

Arizona Pain Medicine Clinic manages back pain

Our staff understands chronic pain, its effect on your job, relationships, and your daily life. We are a pain clinic in Arizona that provides pain relief to help you reach your goal of managing your chronic pain! Our qualified physicians and staff understand the need for an individualized pain management plan and the proper use of medications to manage chronic pain conditions. We believe that no one should have to live in pain or be limited from having the life they once knew.

Did you know?

According to the American Medical Association, chronic pain is under treated.

The majority of people suffering with chronic pain have been living with their pain for over 5 years, almost 6 days a week.
People just like you are most often reluctant to report their true pain level. Still, those who do report pain are most often under treated.

Too few health care professionals are adequately trained in and appropriate medications. Here at AZ Pain Medicine Clinic, we have the best Arizona pain doctors. Unrelieved pain has negative physiological and psychological effects that impair your daily life. The AZ Pain Medicine Clinic Emphasizes an individualized pain-control plan, assessment and frequent reassessment, and the use of pain relief medications to alleviate pain.

Experience the difference expert Arizona pain management can have on your life.

Stop Hurting and Start Living!

Chronic Pain Treatment

Over 22% of American adults suffer from severe chronic discomfort to the point that they choose to seek the help of a pain doctor.  Injury is the second most common reason that people visit pain doctors, exceeded only by the common cold, upper respiratory infections and the flu. However, The National Institute of Health claims that 39 million Americans are unable to find relief from their chronic discomfort and injuries.

At AZ Pain Medicine Clinic, our knowledge of chronic pain treatment  is what sets us apart from other pain clinics in Arizona.  We are very dedicated to providing all of our patients with the most effective chronic pain management. After you have undertaken more invasive relief therapies that have been ineffective for the treatment of your pain; such as physical therapy, chiropractic, injection medicine, surgery as well as other therapies, and you are still suffering. We are the practice for you. 

Our goal is pain alleviation – a goal often attained by our expert staff; however, when it is not possible to completely get rid of the ache through chronic pain treatment and pain medication, we can assure you that: We will do our best to make the ache tolerable and improve the patients’ functional status.

Pain Medication

At AZ Pain Medicine Clinic, we specialize in treating chronic distress through the use of pain medication. Due to the rapid advances in modern medicine, there are now many varied pain treatments available. The degree of ache varies from person to person, so your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.  Pain medication treatment may include a single approach or a combination of pain medications such as: 

  • Painkillers 
  • Anti-inflammatory medicine 
  • Anti-seizure medicines 
  • Other medicines your pain management physician at AZ Pain Clinic may prescribe other types of medicine that are more specific to the pain you are experiencing.

Initial Consultation –

  • A comprehensive examination by a pain management staff providers
  • Evaluation of medical history and records
  • Set personal goals
  • Development of individualized pain management plan
  • Assessment guidelines for a continuum of care
  • Thorough explanation of appropriate pain medications
  • Office visit: 20-35 minutes

If necessary:
Additional screening and diagnostic testing referrals (MRI, etc.) 
Referrals to non-pharmacological treatment facilities (physical therapy, etc.)

Continuum of Care –

  • Meet with pain clinic’s providers and other pain management  professionals
  • Evaluation of individualized pain management plan
  • Review of personal goals and quality of life enhancements, including work activities/requirements and social interactions/relationships
  • Evaluation of any new testing or reports
  • Continuation of pharmacological protocol
  • Office visit every 28 days required

If necessary:
Referrals for  additional testing or evaluation 
Adjustment of pain management protocol


Visit our pain management clinic and see why we are among the best pain management clinics in Arizona.

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Visit our pain management clinic and see why we are among the best pain management clinics in Arizona.

Pain Management
Pain Alleviation
Chronic Pain Treatment
Back Pain Management
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Patients' reviews on the services offered by AZ Pain Medicine Clinic's Health Care Professionals and Specialists

  • The staff is more than pleasant and the Providers are the best in “pain medicine industry”!! I’ve never received such top notch care and treatment for my chronic pain. I personally see Miss Carolyn, but I would recommend anyone who is practicing here @ AZ pain Clinic!!

  • A true five star rating! This group of medical professionals have exactly the right combination of a meaningful pain management focused approach, with a Sincere personal interest, "and" effort, to understand and give thoughtful feedback related to "my" specific condition. And I was treated with respect instead of suspicion, which is a common attitude lately among other less professional and less committed so called pain management places, especially since the pendulum has swung to far back in the other direction, and people like me have a real legitimate need for good pain management, and can't find it due to government overreach and lumping us all in the same pile of suspicion!!!

  • It's such a refreshing experience to be treated like a person -- rather than a junkie -- when seeking relief from chronic pain. Dr. Mastrin is amazing; she doesn't pull punches and won't prescribe meds if they're not necessary, but she's compassionate and incredible at her job. She also recognizes the utility of complementary and alternative medicine, and doesn't hesitate to make recommendations if she thinks a pain problem requires a more aggressive medical treatment (by this, I don't mean she hands out more pills. Rather, she suggests that some doctors are less willing to take aggressive corrective measures than others, and will suggest seeking a second opinion if a chronic pain problem isn't being treated aggressively enough).

  • Very professional, kind and caring they go over everything with you do a comprehensive evaluation of your medical needs and come up withthe right treatment plan for you, I've been going to this clinic for almost a year now. I have always been treated great I get in to see my Dr within 5-15 minutes of my appt time. The office is clean and friendly I would highly recommend this Dr's office, thank you Dr Allie for everything!!

  • I have been VERY PLEASED with Miss Carolyn as she's been able to get me back to a functioning and productive lifestyle. Everyone of their staff is outstanding and I have NOT EXPERIENCED such masterful service at any other pain management facility before becoming a patient here! Thank you all

  • "Allie Ernst-Amador and her staff are extremely good. They are thorough and listen carefully to the patient's needs. They are flexible and understanding when it comes to appointment scheduling. I highly recommend them. They are forthright with the fact that they are pain ""managers"" and do not cure pain. They recommend procedures that will cure the types of pain one has."

  • The Dr's and NP's here are absolutely top notch. They understand my complex medical history and have been able to create an effective regimen to treat me better than any other provider I've ever been to. Life changing is the best way to describe their care. I am so thankful for their continued support.

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