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Back Pain Management

Back pain management, also called thoracic pain management, refers to the strong trauma felt between the neck and lower back. A number of symptoms showing the need for back pain management include muscle weakness, leaning left or right, carrying or heavy lifting, forceful coughing and sneezing, twisting and turning, bending and extending, or sitting in the same pose for a long time.

Back Pain Management Causes

The evidence shows the upper back is stable and strong as compared with your lower back; making it less likely that severe spinal disorder like herniated disc, spinal stenosis, degenerated disc or spinal disability developing. More patients need back pain management for symptoms such as muscular strains, soft tissue problems, injury, or a trauma.

Rhomboid muscle strain

Rhomboid muscles located in the upper back are attached with vertebral spine and shoulder blades. Rhomboid muscles cause movement in the shoulders. Swelling spasm in that area causes patients to need back pain management to smooth out discomfort.


In older patients ligaments thicken, causing pressure on the spinal nerves resulting in several spinal disorders. As people get old it causes upper back pain by making the body numb and weak.

Depression and upper back pain

Stress can be a major causation leads to upper back pain management. When a person feels anxiety or depressed, the muscles in upper back become stiff and rigid, causing the back pain.

Injuries and fractures

traumatic injuries including car accident or sports injuries can also cause severe upper back pain. Those suffering from osteoporosis are more sensitive to bone fractures facing the same issue due to this disease.


Overweight people feel soreness in their upper back section because so much body fat putting pressure on not only the upper back, but also the lower back area.

Back Pain Management Symptoms

Current feeling of pain in the lower and upper back is its own symptom. However, the following symptoms tell you to consult a doctor immediately:
Shoulder blade pain and the big triangular-shaped trapezious muscles of the upper back
refer upper back pain spreading to the front of your chest, underneath your rib cage or abdomen.

Upper Back Pain Treatment

Current studies show 90% of Americans have a need for back pain management at least once making it extremely to treat this condition properly and seek a pain doctor with medical advice and experience. Relief of upper back pain may help different patients. For new injuries a few weeks of hospital treatment may do the work, while patients needing surgery undergo medications and therapies to get rid of the pain.

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