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About AZ Pain Medicine Clinic

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AZ Pain Medicine Clinic is home of the best pain specialists in Arizona. More than twenty percent of U.S. adults live their lives with chronic pain. Most are untreated and they have to deal with the pain every day, 24/7. Some who seek on other pain treatment centers on the other hand, do not receive the proper treatment they deserve.

That is why here at AZ Pain Medicine Clinic, our mission is to provide the best care to those living with chronic pain. We provide individualized comprehensive treatment plans to fit our patients’ needs.

Why Choose AZ Pain Medicine Clinic?

Our staff understands how chronic pain can affect you and those around you. We understand how it can affect your productivity at work, your relationships, and your daily activities. That is the reason why we try to provide the best possible treatment to our patients to help ease pain and achieve a better lifestyle.

We believe that each patient’s case is unique. Each have their own lifestyles and each patient is affected by pain differently. Our individualized treatment plans cater to any patients and it is designed specifically for their daily needs.

During your first visit, our staff will do a comprehensive examination. We will evaluate all of your medical history and ask you about your daily activities. We then create a unique plan for you. Our plans include setting of goals, proper use of pain medications, and more. Education is also important to us and we believe that the best way to help our patients is to educate them and be transparent with them at all times.

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We are always accepting new patients. If you are ready to start a life without worrying about pain, we are ready to assist you in every step of the way.

Our Arizona pain management clinic is located at 8805 N 23rd Ave #160, Phoenix, AZ 85021. You can directly call us at (844) 999-2976 or leave a message at our Contact Form.

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We can take new patients on a walk-in basis and you can come in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays 8am-6pm & Wednesday 8am-5pm.

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